Our Leadership

Richard Nardone, Sr. – Owner, Founder

Richard Nardone, Sr. established RN Utility Sales as a reputable manufacturer’s representative over 22 years ago. Prior to this, Richard was a lifetime employee of a New Jersey electrical utility industry bringing extensive hands-on knowledge to his customers. In keeping with Richard’s vision, RN Utility Sales remains a family-owned business today. Richard established customer service, timely delivery, and excellence in product representation as the core values of his company.

Richard Nardone, Jr. – President & Mark Nardone – Vice President

Richard and Mark have continued their father’s vision as dedicated, customer-oriented sales professionals serving the New York/New Jersey utility market.

In 1995, Richard joined the firm, bringing with him 10 years of experience as a mechanical project engineer.

In 1997 Mark also joined their family business after working for 10 years selling business machines.

Their knowledge includes electrical and construction procedures, tool applications, safety standards, engineering, and manufacturing processes. As they actively listen to their customers, Richard and Mark are continually addressing customer needs, defining product enhancements, and inspiring new product manufacturing. Because of their commitment to customers, they are expanding their presence in the utility industry and growing in the number of quality manufacturers that they represent.

Our Valuable Staff Members

Damian Dedoussis – Inside Sales Manager

Damian is the Inside Sales Manager at RN Utility Sales.  Damian is a graduate of Rutgers University and has 7+ years experience in utility and safety equipment sales. He has extensive knowledge of product availability, industry standards, order processing, and purchasing. Damian is dedicated to customer service and excellence in fulfilling orders.

Eve Polanco – Regional Sales Manager

Eve is the key New York Area Regional Sales Manager for RN Utility Sales supporting large customers on an ongoing basis. Eve has 15+ years experience in the utility and construction industry with vast knowledge in tool applications and commitment to meeting customer and market demands.  Eve’s experience brings valuable insight into identifying product needs.

Wendy DiMaggio – Office Administrator

Wendy is the Office Administrator at RN Utility Sales. Wendy is a graduate of Rutgers University and has 14 years of business and managerial experience in the telecommunications industry. As an office administrator at RN, Wendy performs accounting procedures, maintains customer order records, and manages marketing initiatives for the company.